A Guide To Choosing Overalls For Work, Styling, And More 

Overalls might be an essential part of many professions as the PPE kits. Yet, they have also proven to be quite comfortable and stylish to be worn every day. They have become part of modern fashion for men and women alone. It has become a unique way to express yourself while you’re also professionally ready to get the job done. They are more than just workwear in the modern adult world. Let’s elaborate on different types of overalls, how to style them, choose them, and find the best overalls for daily use: 

A Brief Overview

Overalls are primarily a type of clothing that has trousers and attached bib and shoulder straps. You wear them on top of clothes like T-shirts, Polo Shirts, and other layers. Primarily, overalls were used as a form of personal protection equipment (PPE) in various works like construction, fishing, plumbing, and more. Over time, with more material availability, they have also become part of the fashion industry. There are many different types of overalls available like shortfalls, dungarees, bibs and braces, etc.

Here’s a quick overview of them: 

  • Shortalls: These are the shorter versions of the conventional overalls. Less bulky and more snug in fitting. You can usually see people wearing T-shirts and tank tops under them. 
  • Dungarees: These are the classic overalls that became prominent in the fashion industry due to the denim material. You can wear them with a shirt, t-shirts, or anything else. They are perfect for that mix of farm boy, or working professional appeal. 
    • Bib-And-Brace: These are more work-oriented and used for labour-intensive jobs like farming, ploughing, construction, and so on. These overalls provide full coverage from head to toe.

Choosing The Right Overalls 

There are three factors for you to consider when you’re looking to buy overalls:

1. The Comfort 

When you try an overall on top of existing layers, make sure that they fit comfortably. They shouldn’t be too tight. However, if you plan on using them as a single layer with nothing inside, you can try and find snug fits. But make sure you have adjustable features for shoulder straps and waist. 

It will be better if you buy waterproof overalls with seams or mesh that you can open to release trapped heat and air. Otherwise, it can get quite uncomfortable to wear overalls. 

2. The Length

The length or size of the overalls should be enough to cover your existing layers, or body parts. Make sure they fall down to ankle length at best, and not below that to get stuck in shoes and other things.

3. The Material 

Denim is usually the best option for timeless and evergreen material for fashion and styling purposes. However, if you’re a working professional, then reinforced cotton or polyester could be a better choice, but you will have to compromise style for functionality.

How To Dress Up With Overalls? 

It is quite easy to achieve different looks and styles with the overalls:

  • Opt for a relaxed fit and pair them with a T-shirt or light hoodie if you’re going for a laid-back and casual look.
  • If you want a more structured look, opt for cotton or twill overalls that you can wear with a button-down shirt. This will give you a more classy look.
  • As for the footwear, boots work great but you can also opt for sneakers. Loafers would work in case you’re going for a casual and outdoor vibe. 

Much like any other outfit, you can accessorise with the overalls. Opt for rough and rugged materials like leather watches, bracelets, belts, and such to easily add to the charm of the overalls. If needed, you could also wear a fedora or other kinds of hats to enhance the classy appeal of the overalls. 

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